Types of Katana Blade construction principles.

Here are the different types of katana blades. There are many differences in the pattern of construction, as well as, the hardness and types of steel used in production of the various parts of the blade. When choosing a Katana Sword it is therefore important to figure out what your actual need is, weather you will be using it for Tameshigiri (cutting strawmats), or for kata/sparring with a dull blade (iaito) etc.Different types of Steel for Katana BladesFurthermore there is the type of steel used in making the katana blade. One very popular choice is, and has always been Damascus Steel. Katana Blades with this type of steel have unique and distinctive patterns resembling flowing water, and have been reputed to be very tough, resilient to shattering and chipping, and able to be sharpened extremely sharp. We do offer a variety of Damast Blade Katanas on our webshop, and the...Read More