Katana Information

History of the Katana
Read about the origin and historical significance of the Japanese sword, the katana.

The Parts of the Katana
Read about the different parts of the katana, or Japanese sword. Many parts are functional and serve a purpose, but not all.

Forging a Katana
Read about the different techniques involved in producing a katana blade.

How to hold a Katana
There are many ways to hold a katana, or Japanese sword, but it is a very good idea to gain some knowledge into the basic concepts before attempting any practical use.

Training with a Katana – The Basics
Read and learn about the basics needed for practicing fully with a katana, or Japanese sword.

Training with a Katana – Advanced
A further study into the more advanced techniques and systems of learning the art of the Japanese sword. This is for the student who wishes to learn kata or is serious about joining a school with instruction.