Iaito Ohané

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Practical Iaito Ohané

  • blade aluminum alloy
  • total length: 39.5″
  • blade length: 28″
  • handle length: 10.5″
  • weight Katana: 1.35 Lb
  • Balance Point: 4″ from Tsuba
  • Mekugi: Double Pin
  • lacquered wooden Saya (scabbard)
  • handle is coated with real ray skin (Same)
  • handle is traditionally wrapped with cotton thread
  • two Bamboo Mekugis secure the tang of the sword into the Tsuka
  • blade comes unsharpened

Our Ohané is a perfect iaito for both beginning and advanced students of iaido. It is very light and fast, aiding in proper technique application. It features a prominent bohi which offers an audible whistle when edge alignment is correct. It’s also aesthetically pleasing; it features a lovely etched hamon, sukashi tsuba, real ray skin and cotton ito. Ohané: feather light.

Details of the Tsuka or Menuki are provided on the pictures. If you refer to our information, there you will find definitions of our swords.

Delivery includes: Iaito and Saya.

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