John Lee Kei Ben Iaito | John Lee Katanas

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The sword also include printed fabric cover, as well as a certificate that vouches for the authenticity.

Sword stand not included!
weight: approx. 1.4 kg

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The laido sport deals with the art of sword drawing and fixed attack techniques (kata), however as a formal exercise. This uses usually the Iaito, a blunt practice sword. The development of the unity of body, mind, and sword (Ki-Ken-Tai-ichi) is in the foreground. The highest degree of master unless you know any combat situation without having to pull the sword ever achieved. Kei-Ben stands for the simple and practical design of the sword. Masterpiece of Asian art of the silversmith.

The blade is made of stainless steel, hand-forged and hardened.
The blade is dull and provided with a bloodgroove (Bo-Hi).
-The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood and with real blackened fish skin (same).
-The handle wrap (Tsuka-ITO) is traditionally made from cotton.
-The Tsuba cast zinc aluminium shows a floral motif.
-On the handle, two Menukis in the form of Mitsudomoe are inserted.
-The scabbard (Saya) is made of wood.
-The blade clamp (Habaki) is made of brass.
-With certificate and seal, which guarantees the authenticity
-Made after Museum templates

-Tsuba blade length 73.5 cm
-Total length without scabbard 101 cm
-Blade bending 19 mm
-Blade back width 5-6 mm
-Max blades width 30 mm
-Weight without scabbard 1100 g
-Weight with sheath 1350 g. Fuchi and Kashira are made of cast metal, the Menuki and the Shitodome are made of brass.

Made in China.


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