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Delivery includes: Katana, Saya, cleaning kit,robust box and certificate authenticity..

Details of the Tsuka or Menuki are provided on the pictures.

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This is the Musashi brand T10 High Carbon Steel Choji Hamon Katana Sword.

The blade is made of T10 modern high carbon steel and features a choji-midare hamon pattern with light niku. The extended chu-kissaki or medium length tip is nicely polished. The tsuka or handle is double mekugi pinned and has real samegawa or rayskin panels and is wrapped with black chemical fiber ito with brass ken menuki. Featuring fittings with solid blackened iron fuchi and kashira, a blackened iron leaf style tsuba, and a black lacquered saya. This sword comes in a deluxe display box and comes with a maintenance kit and a sword bag as well.

  • hand-forged 1095 carbon steel
  • Blade type: Muku-Kitae
  • Hamon: Choji-Midare pattern
  • Length of the blade: 72 cm
  • Total length: 101 cm
  • Total weight (including Saya): 1366 g
  • Weight Saya: 242 g
  • Length handle: 29 cm
  • Tsuba material: blackened iron
  • Hardness Yakiba: 58 degrees
  • Ito & Sageo Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Fuchigashira material: blackened iron
  • Mekugi: smoked bamboo mekugis twice
  • Manufacturer: Musashi
  • The katana is sharpened and can be used for cutting exercises


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