Katana Oda | Engraved Saya Katana


Included in delivery: katana, scabbard (Saya), sword cloth cover.

Details of the Tsuka or Menuki are provided on the pictures.

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The Katana Oda has a Japanese coat of arms symbol on the Saya, which is very similar to the family crest of medieval Europe. This is the Oda coat of arms. The coat of arms was used as decoration on garments to identify aristocratic families on the battlefield and to distinguish clan membership for troops. Coats of arms were awarded by the Emperor of the Asikagas for bravery.

The blade of the sword was made of hardened carbon steel with a bohi (blood groove). The blade is sharpened. The wood Saya of the sword is matte black and provided with black cotton sawo. The Koiguchi was made of blackened steel. Habaki is a one-piece brass construction. The Tsuba is made of black steel in the form of a flower. The handle is covered with artificial ray skin and wrapped in black cotton. The Sword rod is held by two bamboo Mekugis under control.

  • Blade is made of carbon steel
  • Saya with carved decoration (coat of arms)
  • Blade length: 71.5 cm
  • Total length: 99,5 cm
  • Weight Katana: 1124 g
  • Weight Saya: 218 g
  • Blade is sharpened


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