Katana Shirasaya Chouku

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Katana Shirasaya Chouku – The blade of the sword has been constructed from high carbon steel with a Maru construction. The sword has a universal hardness throughout the blade. The Kissake is well defined with an aesthetic hamon down the length of the blade.

The top of the blade features a Bo-Hi, to lower the weight and give audible feedback when the sword is swung.

The sword comes razor sharp and is full tang.
The Saya is wooden with a white high gloss finish.
The Kurigata is wooden with a shiny copper fitting.
Tied around the Kurigata is a white cord Sageo.
On the side of the Saya is a holster holding a mini Tanto.
The Mini Tanto is Stainless Steel with a patterned steel handle featuring golden blossoms.
The blade is secured by a one piece brass Habaki.
The Fuchi is steel with a border of Toyome, Shintoist symbols which means universe.
The Tsuka core is wooden with an imitation black ray skin Same and off white cord Ito.
The tang is secured by two bamboo Mekugi.
On each side of the Tsuka are two golden Menuki dragons.
The Kashira is another golden Toyome.

  • hand forged
  • blade material: High Carbon Steel
  • blade type: Maru
  • comes with Bo-Hi and full tang
  • blade: HRC60
  • blade back: HRC40
  • blade length: 73 cm, 28.25″
  • overall length: 103 cm, 39.25″
  • weight Katana incl. Saya: 1092 g
  • weight Saya: 240 g
  • white lacquered wooden Saya (scabbard) and handle
  • handle comes with imitation black ray skin Same and off white cord Ito
  • tang is secured by two bamboo Mekugi
  • blade is razor-sharp
  • comes with a mini Tanto of stainless steel
  • brand: Musashi
Delivery includes: Katana, Saya, sword bag  and certificate of authenticity.
Please note, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase swords. We need a proof of age. For more information please refer to our section proof of age.

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