Katana Shirasaya Yashiro | Maru Blade Katanas


Details of the Tsuka or Menuki are provided on the pictures.

Delivery includes: Katana, Saya and cotton sword bag .

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The Shirasaya has a long history in the art of Japanese sword-smithing. It is basically like the blade’s ‘pajamas’, and is used as blade storage before the blades have been fitted as well as in times of peace, to store ancestral blades and to display the fittings, sans sword. It became popularized in the 21st century as a work of art on its own due to its simplicity and because of the film industry.

The blade of the sword is constructed from carbon steel and features an aesthetic hamon. The sword comes very sharp and full tang.The saya is wooden with a natural stained finish. The saya has been crafted to contour the shape of the blade. And fits seamlessly into the handle.The handle is the same stained wood as the saya. When the sword is sheathed the handle and saya look like one solid piece. The handle has been crafted to contour to the tang of the sword. A single pin secures the tang in the handle of the sword.

  • Overall Length: 101,5 cm
  • Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 71,5 cm
  • Blade: Very Sharp
  • Total weight: Katana: 886 g
  • Scabbard Material: Wood


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