Ninja Sai Forks – Movie Ninja Turtles – Raphael

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Ninja Sai Forks – Movie Ninja Turtles – Raphael. The forks are made of stainless steel. These sai forks are from Raphael from the movie Ninja Turtles.

  • Blade: The blade of the Sai are stainless steel with a hexagonal design. The tip of the Sai is unsharpened.
  • Guard: The guard of the Sai consists of the cross section and the two prongs on each side. The prongs are slightly bent out as is traditional, the prongs are rounded and are unsharpened.
  • Handle: The handle of the Sai is full tang covered by a gold and black wrap. The handle ends in a hexagonal solid steel pommel.
  • total lenght sai: 48 cm
  • lenght fork: 33 cm
  • weight of each Sai: 650 g
  • the Sai comes not sharp
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