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Blade length to tsuba 73 cm, total length without scabbard 101 cm, blade curvature (sori) about 18 mm, handle length 27,5 cm, weight without scabbard 1000 g, 1250 g Weight with scabbard
weight: approx. 1.2 kg

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The blade of the sword are hand forged from carbon steel and hardened in traditional style with fine harmon line. The sharp ground out blades were provided for weight reduction with a Bo-hi (channel).

The handles (tsuka) are made of wood and are equipped with real fish skin (Same) occupied. The Tsuba is made iron. The handle-wrap (Tsuka-Ito) is traditionally mounted from black cotton. On handle two Menukis are inserted.

The sword handle is particularly long and held with two bamboo pins (Mekugi) mounted in the handle.

The sheath (saya) is made of wood. The blade collar (habaki) are made of brass and were manufactured according to historical documents. The blade is consistently incorporated to the handle end.

Known from the movie “The Last Samurai”. Saigo Takamori with, the last samurai, 1877 ended a long tradition. He would not come to terms with the new political situation, the abolition of the samurai and instigated a last stand against the new government. His samurai warriors had battled the military, which was already equipped with modern firearms, no chance.

Each sword comes with a seal, which guarantees authenticity. You get every sword in a cloth bag and a high quality collector wooden cassette. For each sword has a care kit and a high gloss lacquer stand.

This made according to museum originals masterpiece of Asian art of sword forging has been made in the traditional manner. Sheath extends to the handle end.

Made in China.


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