Tora Katana

This is a Thaitsuki sword and we believe in quality over quantity. Thaitsuki Nihonto swords are hand-made, fully functional, and “battle ready” katanas. They are best suited for practice in all sword arts, completion cutting, and collecting. The Japanese Katanas, hand-made by Thaitsuki Nihonto, are of the highest quality, traditionally made and perfected for over 400 years. Thaitsuki Nihonto has been producing Japanese swords for professional collectors and practitioners of Iaido, Iaijutsu, and Kenjutsu for over 400 years!

The blade of the Tora Katana is handmade and forged from special high carbon Japanese steel (DC53) making a strong, flexible blade with bo-hi (groove). With 2 different HRC grades on the back (40) and on the edge (60) the blade is very strong. The blade is about 7mm wide on the habaki and about 5,5mm on the chu kissaki.

The tsuka (handle) is covered in black same (ray skin) and the Tsuka Ito (handle wrap) is best japanese dark brown 10mm wide cotton. The brass tsuba shows a tora motif. The koiguchi is made from real buffalo horn and the handmade saya was made from dried poplar wood. The kurigata is made from wood and has 2 92,5% silver shitodome. At the end of the saya is a kojiri made from real buffalo horn mounted which prevents the saya from breaking when hit hard on the floor, eg when training iaido.

Fuchi and Kashira show a tiger with bamboo leaves and are detailed in gold. The menuki are made from 92,5% silver and show a pair of japanese tigers.

The Tora Katana is a fully functional Japanese katana and not a replica, it is considered a weapon and it is extremely sharp. This sword can easily sever a 7″ thick bamboo with single stroke. The Tora Katana can be completely disassembled for full maintenance.

This sword can also be made dull so that you can use it for practice, like in Iaido !

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Details :

Blade Length: 73,5 cm
Tsuka Length: 28,5 cm
Overall Length: 102,5 cm

Tsuka Ito: Dark brown cotton
Weight with Saya: 1470 g
Weight without Saya: 1200 g

Ha (edge) 60-63 HRC
Habuchi (temper line) 43-46 HRC
Ji bis Mune (edge to back of the blade) 33-36 HRC

Please note, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase swords. We need a proof of age. For more information please refer to our section proof of age.



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